Fee Schedule

Occupational Therapy

Assesment      Time   Fee
Initial assessment - Including feedback session and 2 copies of our report 3 - 4 Hours$190.00 per hour
Initial assessment without report 1-2 Hours $190.00 per hour
Occupational Therapy           TimeFee
Therapy session60 Minutes$190.00*
Therapy session45 Minutes$142.50*
Therapy session30 Minutes$95.00*

*All Therapy sessions will be charged with an additional 15-minute fee ($47.50) for ‘non face to face’ time. This time is to allow for planning, set-up, materials, research, and other administrative duties as they arise, for example, parent/caregiver emails, correspondence with teachers, etc.

Reporting                              Time   Fee
Reports 1 – 2 Hours$190.00 per hour
Travel Fee                   
Travel Fee for Community Visits$95.00 per appointment
Resource Development               
Social Stories, Visual Schedules etc$95.00 per half hour

Important Information

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